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 Trial of Meiyo (Honor) Maastricht, Netherlands, 12/13-8

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Age : 34
Localisation : Nieuwegein
Date d'inscription : 09/07/2006

MessageSujet: Trial of Meiyo (Honor) Maastricht, Netherlands, 12/13-8   Dim 9 Juil - 16:26

Trial of Meiyo (Honor), held in Maastricht, Netherlands on the 12th and 13th of August.

Kyuden Holland is proud to present yet another great event! This time we are working together with Kyuden Belgium to give this official storyline event an even better atmosphere!

Be sure to check out this event’s home page at:

As can be seen here: the Trial of Meiyo is part of a 7 part storyline revolving around the virtues of bushido.

The Trials of Bushido
A Storyline Event Series for the
Legend of the Five Rings CCG

Every morning, the true samurai rises with the knowledge that today may well be the day he is honored with death in service to his lord. This is not a matter of fear or regret, but one of joy, for there is no greater destiny for any samurai to achieve than to prove his unwavering devotion to his lord through death. Every day, thousands of samurai face trials of every conceivable manner. Many prove their worth and continue their lives of honorable service. Some die and wait to be reborn and seek their destiny anew. And a very fortunate few have the opportunity to demonstrate, to themselves and to their lord, that the code of bushido lives within their soul.
Bushido is the code of the samurai, not only warriors but shugenja, artisans, and courtiers as well. It is a philosophy of life that, when embraced, allows a samurai to achieve his destiny through strength of will and purity of purpose. On occasion, ordinary samurai placed in extraordinary circumstances can exhibit the true soul of a samurai. The so-called Champions of Bushido, seven samurai honored by the Emperor for their valor against treacherous bandits, were such individuals, but many more exist that rarely achieve such acclaim. For them, the true reward is in the certainty of their life.
The Trials of Bushido is a seven-part series of tournaments that will allow the winner to benefit their faction. The winning faction of each tournament will see one personality of that faction as the central figure in a fiction detailing their struggle with an obstacle that must be overcome in the name of their clan. Whether the individual succeeds or fails, the faction in question will benefit from their perseverance. Regardless of the individual’s fate, the Brotherhood shall recognize their achievements or sacrifice by erecting a shrine to the specified tenet of bushido within the lands of the winning faction.

Please register fast as we can only seat 64 players in our venue! Keep in mind that those who pay first get’s the spot first. If you do not pre-pay for registration, you will get a spot on our reserve list. We keep a list of registered players online, so you can always see if there is room left in this event. If the 64 spots are taken up fast and more people are interested in playing, we will find a solution, but for now the max is 64.

Pre-registration is only 15,- Euro! For this amount you will get great custom made prizes, a lovely venue located inside a pub and a free booster draft side event!

Maastricht is reachable by Car (parking lot called Vrijthof only 800m from venue) by Train (trainstation only 15min walk from venue, or reachable by bus) and even by Airplane (Maastricht shares an Airport with Aachen). Maastricht is a lovely city with a very old city centre and a bustling night life full of pubs and clubs.

The venue where we play is the top floor of a pub! Imagine the great atmosphere we’ll have. Though playing in a pub also means that players cannot bring their own drinks; as we got a very fair prize for the venue rent we promised our players would use the pub downstairs for food and drinks. For those who were at the BeNeLux Kotei: prices of foods and drinks at the pub are about 50 cents per item lower as at Zwolle!

Our website currently lacks some essential information, like a map of Maastricht and photo’s of the venue. Those things will be added as soon as our webmaster returns from vacation.

If you have any questions or need any help in arranging your coming to our event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. or will get you an answer within the day.

Kyudens Holland and Belgium hope to see you all in Maastricht very soon!
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Nombre de messages : 8
Age : 34
Localisation : Nieuwegein
Date d'inscription : 09/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Trial of Meiyo (Honor) Maastricht, Netherlands, 12/13-8   Lun 17 Juil - 14:39

would like to announce a couple of things:
- We have very few pre-registered players at this time. If you plan to come, please, PLEASE pre-register. If nothing else, do it for the morale of my poor TO crew!

- In case we have below 40 players, our judges will play in the event. This is in conjunction with the 3 judge rule as noted in the Tournament floor rules.

- Marjolein, our lovely local sketch artist, will again be available on site to do commisions and to chat about all things artistic. She has also once again graced us with prize support! Be sure to get top of Clan at this event! Shocked

- As this event is held in the same weekend as GenCon, we will do our best to mirror the important information that is given there to our event.
- After been asked by several people, I'll say it here again (but it is also mentioned on our site) ToE IS legal at our event. Because it will be hard for everyone to have theirs in time, proxies WILL be legal. We only accept printed out or photocopied versions of the cards, so no written up doodles. Also, if you have proxies in your deck, make sure you use sleevs that are of suficient thickness and have a colored back. These things were decided upon because our tournament is supposed to be a practise round for Worlds.

- All promo cards that have been released between the release date of DoW and ToE WILL be legal at this event. For these the same proxie rules apply as with the ToE cards. Our TO team is a little uncertain on the legality of these promo's for Worlds, but we figured it would be better to test with them as to test without them, as some are pretty significant for certain deck types.

Again, if you have any questions or need help in arranging your stay in Maastricht, please contact us! We hope to see many of you in Maastricht, a city with many traditional breweries and Ducth pubs!
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Trial of Meiyo (Honor) Maastricht, Netherlands, 12/13-8
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